Always be yourself! Unless you can be a mermaid.... then always be a mermaid!

I stumbled upon a sewing blog called The Sewing Rabbit at www.mesewcrazy.com. Among many awesome tips and tutorials found there, I was most excited to discover a DIY Mermaid Costume Video Tutorial. After a quick run to the fabric store and an afternoon spent sprawled out in front of the tv, alas, a genuine mermaid tail was produced!

Learning to Program

I was pleasantly surprised to discover my visual design course this semester isn't going to be a repeat of Photoshop and InDesign, since learning to code has been a personal goal, unfulfilled due to a lack of time. Today I started learning to code in HTML and CSS. While it's slightly overwhelming the huge amount of knowledge I'm not yet familiar with, it's exhilarating at the same time. Just thinking about all of the things I'll be capable of as I continue learning excites me.

So far I've come across a few resources that might be helpful to fellow coding newcomers. As I find more I'll add them to this list, so check back again!

www.w3schools.com has a huge assortment of resources for beginners and experts. From HTML color names and values to in-depth tutorials on specific tools.

css-tricks.com has blogs about specific tools and tricks (hence the name). While I can only understand a few of the posts right now, I can't wait to return as I learn more.

http://flukeout.github.io/ has a game called "CSS Diner" where you can practice using CSS selectors to manipulate a cartoon restaurant. After a few levels things, can get tricky, so it's nice that they offer hints to help you along.

subtlepatterns.com provides free background texture images to practice inserting backgrounds into sites.

caniuse.com allows you to check up-to-date browser support for front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.

Mono Social Icons provides a large number of social media icons.

W3C Markup Validation Service allows you to upload coded documents and check for errors.

Tiger TOMS & Lounge Pants

Being a loyal TOMS shoe wearer for years, I was tickled to find a DIY TOMS-inspired toddler shoe pattern created by Leisha of Homemade Toast. Her tutorial was simple and direct, making the directions easy to follow. Although this project was time consuming to get the details just right, it was well worth the time spent. Who knew you could have so much fun making something so tiny?

USM Rises To The Top in Tornado Damage Response



          On Sunday, February 10, 2013, an EF-4 tornado ripped across the front lawn of The University of Southern Mississippi (USM), as it swept over portions of Marion, Lamar and Forrest counties. Left in its path of destruction were remnants of the historic oaks and structures so nostalgic to the university community. Though the negative impacts of the storm were severe, the university students, faculty, and staff rallied together to rebuild. Emergency response plans for both the Department of Residence Life and University Communications are under improvement to better prepare for future crises, including updates to the Eagle Alert system.

Telling Karthie's Story



When the doctor asked Jarrett and Alicia Windham if they had a problem scheduling a Caesarean section for Friday the 13 of May, they laughed and explained they were not superstitious. Oveid-Julian Karthie Windham was born May 13, 2011 at 12:19 pm, and named after his grandfather’s Vietnam War battle buddy and great-grandfather. After making the highest possible score on an Apgar test, which determines whether a newborn needs additional medical assistance, he was pronounced a well baby...