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Karelia (Ka·re·li·ya): a region of NE Europe comprising areas of both Finland and Russia.

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Karelia (KUH-REL-yuh): Public relations professional with a passion for visual communication. Avid traveler, crafter and designer. Lover of the outdoors, live music and pizza for breakfast.

Eliminating barriers to effective communication through strategic planning drives my interest to work in communication. I am continually looking for opportunities to maximize my interests in public relations, graphic design, marketing, brand management and crisis communication to further develop my writing, designing and strategic planning capabilities. Using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop on a campaign feeds my craving for creativity and I find great satisfaction in the challenge of a new project.

I have had the pleasure of working for the USM FoundationBaton Rouge Area Violence Elimination (BRAVE), Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), Albert & Associates Architects, Lauren Rogers Museum of Art and Dave Ware Campaign for Mayor of Hattiesburg. Working in a variety of industries has helped me establish a strong foundation of skills and understanding of the role I can play on a team. Through these work experiences, I have sharpened my verbal and written communication as well as design and customer service abilities. 

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism with emphasis in public relations from The University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Mass Communication from the Louisiana State University Manship School

I currently manage communication for the USM Foundation. Through writing, designing, filming and curating content for the USM Foundation’s website, social media platforms, print and digital publications, email marketing efforts and gift proposals, I have the pleasure of sharing stories about how Southern Miss’ generous donors are impacting the lives of our incredible faculty and students every day.

Feel free to check out my resume, portfolio and social media profiles. If my skills can be of service to you, let me know!