Tiger TOMS & Lounge Pants

Being a loyal TOMS shoe wearer for years, I was tickled to find a DIY TOMS-inspired toddler shoe pattern created by Leisha of Homemade Toast. Her tutorial was simple and direct, making the directions easy to follow. Although this project was time consuming to get the details just right, it was well worth the time spent. Who knew you could have so much fun making something so tiny?

I opted to make mine out of fleece instead of the traditional linen/cotton TOMS are made of since it's winter, but the pattern still worked just fine. I took a chance with the free general toddler pattern she provides and luckily the sizing was perfect for a 4-year-old.

Once the slippers were complete I put the remaining fleece to use and made a simple pair of lounge pants to match. Lots of tutorials exist for simple pajama pants, but I found it easiest just to lay an existing pair of pants on top of the fabric and trace an outline about 1/2 inch wider. This tutorial should explain the rest: Pajama Pant Pattern. After inserting elastic into the waist and adding some purple ribbon for trim, the tiger TOMS and pants were complete! Almost forgot! ... GEAUX TIGERS!